Forests are the lungs of the planet.
They provide clean air, water and habitat for wildlife.
Plants and trees turn carbon dioxide into clean air for all.
Logging damages the soil and waterways.
After logging, usually fire is used to destroy what is left. Nothing survives.
Please help save a forest in your country.


The world’s tallest tree is 367 feet high.
Trees help prevent landslides and soil erosion.
Trees first appeared on Earth about 400 million years ago.

Trees improve the water quality by acting as a filter to unwanted nutrients and pesticides.
Car owners need to plant 7 trees every year to counter the greenhouse emissions of their cars.
Trees combat the greenhouse effect and slow the effects of global warming.

Tree seedlings should be planted in used milk cartons to protect them from weather and pests.
Trees attract native plants, flowers and wildlife to an area by providing both food and shelter.
Hugging a tree makes you feel good. The tree likes it too.

Please plant and/or save a tree in your country.



Rosalind Copyright 2011