The Beautiful Otherworld


 The Otherworld is the true home of the Soul
The land of Heartís Desire
Here lies the source of wisdom and home of the gods
It is where the poet and those of Gentle Heart
feel most at home
The ancient Gaels called it Hy Brasil
the land to the West
The Soul has wandered for eons
through ancestral woods
looking for Home

Each culture has a name for this land
with their own journeys and stories to tell
Humanity is One family
though living diverse lives

It was the birds that called me to the Otherworld
They crowded my garden
and led me to the Land of Silver Palms
They gave purpose to my music
by teaching me how to bring sleep to the sick
and peace to the troubled

It was in the Otherworld
that I met the Angels of Nature
Within the planetary organism
these nature forces
act as guiding and balancing factors
and are part of the radiant glory of Mother Earth.


© Gilbert Williams


Rosalind Copyright 2011